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Lone Grove Truck Accident Lawyer

Lone Grove Truck Accident Lawyer

Very few areas of the United States have a concentration of tractor-trailer rigs like the Lone Grove, Oklahoma region. As a result, accidents involving big-rigs are common and often result in very serious, oftentimes permanent injuries, and an experienced Lone Grove Truck Accident Attorney can help you. Of course, some of these accidents can tragically result in death as well. If you or your loved one is in a truck accident in Oklahoma, there’s some critical information you have to understand regarding your incident.

According to recent reports published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, fatalities caused by auto accidents involving large trucks have increased 36% from 2010 (91 fatalities) to 2012 (124 fatalities) in Oklahoma.

In fact, large truck accident crashes accounted for 17.5% of 2012’s total overall crash fatalities and 6.9% (4876 crashes) of total auto crashes in Oklahoma.

Lone Grove Truck Accidents

Though alarming, these statistics are not altogether unanticipated. The combination of countless hours spent on the road, little to no sleep, and the pressure to meet deadlines would naturally result in drowsy driving, speeding, and reckless driving by truck drivers.

When these occur and result in an accident, Lone Grove drivers need to be prepared. Here are some excellent tips to remember should you find yourself in an accident with an 18-wheeler truck:

Immediately After The Accident

– Remove yourself and everyone involved from danger

Depending on the damage incurred, it may be hard to move your vehicle from the accident scene. However, you can move yourself and your passengers to a safe area where you will be out of danger from approaching vehicles.

– Contact the authorities and get help to the scene as soon as you are able

Calling 911 will dispatch police and an ambulance to the scene should anyone need medical assistance. Did you know many insurance companies will not honor damage recovery claims if a police report of the accident is not filed?

– Secure the accident scene

If the accident caused major damages to your vehicle, make sure nothing is moved or tampered with until either the police arrive or you are able to properly document the original accident scene (video or photos). This will help later when you need to provide evidence for your damage claim.

– Gather as much information as possible

Collect as much information as possible to guard against false blame being levied should the accident escalate to court. This includes pictures of the accident scene, noting the weather, time of day, road conditions, witnesses, damage done to your vehicle, damage done to the semi-truck, and the contact information, insurance information, and driver’s license/plates of everyone involved.

Contact A Lone Grove Truck Accident Lawyer

After a life-altering truck accident, many people are confused on what to do next. Dealing with an injury, car damages, car repairs, insurance claims, medical bills, or even the loss of a loved one can prove to be too much to handle alone.

This is why enlisting the help of a trusted Lone Grove truck accident lawyer is in your best interest. A Lone Grove truck accident lawyer will assess your case, figure out your next steps, and deal with the insurance companies while you focus on getting your life back to normal. Doesn’t that sound more appealing that juggling everything yourself?

Allow the dedicated and compassionate truck accident lawyers at Wandres Law to take some of those bothersome and confusing tasks off your hands. With years of experience specializing in large truck accidents, you can be rest assured that your rights as Lone Grove citizen will be protected and the end results will be favorable.

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